• 2018New FIA F4

    A brand new car is used for the French F4 Championship. It has a carbon shell built by Mygale, equipped with a Renault Sport 2-litre engine developing 160 hp, meeting the FIA F4 specifications in terms of performance and security.
  • 2017Renault Sport Academy and French Junior Karting Championship

    An enhanced attraction for the French F4 Championship: in addition to the €100,000 prize for the winner, the F4 French Championship increases its value with the signing of a partnership to ensure that the winner will join the Renault Sport Academy. The Championship also makes it possible to score points for the FIA ​​Super License. Creation of the French Junior Karting Championship: A turnkey one-design competition using the model of the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy, the French Junior Karting Championship is aimed at young drivers aged 12 to 15, and ensures not only their training, but also the detection of the greatest talents.
  • 2016FFSA Academy

    New identity: with a strong affiliation with the French Federation of Motor Sport and the reputation that it enjoys now in France and abroad, the Auto Sport Academy updates its branding and displays a new name: the "FFSA Academy".
  • 2012New title and new education programme

    Inauguration of the FFSA National Centre of Expertise and Physical Preparation: this new name rewards the infrastructure developed by the Auto Sport Academy: a simulator measuring the strength of the arms or the neck muscles, electromyogram… In particular it enables the federal training centre to welcome any driver wishing to perfect their physical preparation. Creation of a specific curriculum for drivers at the Pôle Espoirs: on 1st October, 2012, a school for drivers is created within the Auto Sport Academy. The creation of this private technical programme makes it possible to respond to the incompatibility between international sporting calendars and traditional school timetables. With 16 hours of lessons a week, students benefit from several teachers and six classrooms.
  • 2011French F4 Championship

    Revival of a national championship dedicated to single-seaters thanks to a partnership between the FFSA and Renault Sport, in collaboration with Total. This new competition becomes the entry level in the pyramid leading to the highest level and awards a French Championship.
  • 2010World Series & DEJEPS

    Integration with the World Series by Renault: Renault Sport Technologies and the FFSA announce the replacement of the Formul'Academy Euro Series with the creation of the F4 Eurocup 1.6. This discipline will join the World Series by Renault in 2010, offering an ideal first step into the Formula 1 entry pyramid set up by Renault. The missions of the Auto Sport Academy remain the same: to find, train and promote the best drivers. Implementation of the DEJEPS "Automobile Sports" speciality of sports coaching: a new federal diploma is initiated by the Auto Sport Academy, allowing access to a higher level of supervision and preparation for the job of sports coach, including specialisations in Circuit, Karting, Rally or All-Terrain.
  • 2008Formul'Academy Euro Series

    Approved by the FIA, this international series replaces the FFSA Formula Campus Renault Elf French Championship and features all-new single-seaters known as Formula Academy. Resolutely modern and built by Signatech Automobiles in accordance with the specifications drawn up by the Auto Sport Academy and the National Education partners, they are officially presented on 20th February.
  • 2007Auto Sport Academy

    On 5th February, 2007, the FFSA's training organisation, the Auto Sport Academy, became the world's leading training centre for apprenticeship in motorsport, acquiring a dimension still unmatched today.
  • 2005Training of racing instructors

    Implementation of the BPJEPS "Motor Sport" speciality: a state diploma to become a race instructor is set up with a choice of one of the following two specialisations: Karting and Driver Improvement.
  • 2002Beginnings of Formula Kart

    Creation of the FFSA Formula Kart France Championship: a gateway to high-level karting or cars, this Championship lasts until the end of the 2008 season.
  • 2001The FFSA takes control

    The FFSA and the Total-Fina-Elf group sign a partnership agreement on 11th April, after which "La Filière FFSA" becomes a reality and is now managed by a board of directors reporting to the FFSA.
  • 2000Partnership between the FFSA and Elf

    Signing of an agreement between the FFSA and Elf: On 30th April, 2000, Elf La Filière becomes "La Filière FFSA Elf Compétition".
  • 1995Foundation of Elf La Filière

    Installation of the Elf La Filière, the first school of motorsport: on 6th January, 1995, the Technoparc of the 24 Hours of Le Mans welcomes this new concept, at the instigation of Elf with the support of the FFSA, the regional and departmental authorities, and with assistance from the Ministries of National Education and Youth and Sports, Renault and Michelin.
  • 1993From the origins

    Launch of Formula Campus: Renault and Elf join forces to create "Renault Elf Formula Campus". Alongside the student drivers, student mechanics are responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the Campus car, under the responsibility of the Lycée Professionnel Le Mans Sud.
  • 1993Creation of "Filière Elf"

    Created in 1993 under the name of "Filière Elf", the FFSA Academy is under the aegis of the French Motorsport Federation since 2001. Today, the federal training centre is an international reference in its field, and is being envied by many other countries.