28 November 2020

F4 2021 provisional calendar

The 2021 French F4 Championship will take place in 7 rounds from […]
22 November 2020

F4 Academy: Ayumu Iwasa celebrates his title with a final victory

The FIA-certified French F4 Championship finished at Paul Ricard with an amazing […]
21 November 2020

F4 Academy: Hadjar confirms, and a first for Cabirou

A few hours before the end of the 2020 French F4 Championship, […]
20 November 2020

F4 Academy: Third double pole position for Iwasa

On his way to the French F4 Championship, Ayumu Iwasa is intending […]
16 November 2020

F4 Academy: Ayumu Iwasa’s title to win

Despite the countless changes to the calendar, the FFSA Academy will have […]
15 November 2020

F4 Academy: Hadjar wins with panache, Iwasa almost champion

Thanks to an audacious overtake with two laps to go, Frenchman Isack […]
14 November 2020

F4 Academy: Sami Meguetounif gets his revenge

The local driver who lives in Marseille, less than an hour from […]
13 November 2020

F4 Academy – Double pole and victory: A perfect day for Isack Hadjar!

Accustomed to the podium this season, Isack Hadjar finally took his first […]
10 November 2020

F4 Academy: Return to Paul Ricard for the rest of the competition

It is with great satisfaction that the organisers of the FIA French […]